Magicjack retailer online in Europe (VOIP)

Have you heard about the new cool device magicjack?? It is a revolutionary gadget that enables free calls to USA and Canada from your computer. This is a small, pocket size thing that you can take with you all over the world and connect to any computer!

Magicjack is the big buzz right now in the USA and it is time for consumers in Europe to take magicjack serious as a future way of communicating! Even India is going crazy about this product. Almost 4% of the visitors, on http://www.magicjack.com, in July 2008 was from India. This is a good trends shown in a communication-crazy market as India.

Magicjack is more then a buzz to be in Europe. With an inventor, who already been recognized as a pioneer in the telecom biz in USA, who has the business skills to make magicjack the no 1 telecom company in USA, it is not far fetched to say that he will manage to take magicjack outside of the states and offering magicjack to a broader consumer market such as Europe.

For now, the consumers will buy their products form the official reseller of magicjack in Europe, http://www.voip-ms.com.

The magicjack itself can be bought on their site www.el-teleprodukter.com

Buy magicjack today and you will get this:
* an US-base phone number
* excellent voice quality
* cheap international rates
* CALL FOR FREE to anyone in the USA and Canada
* a very easy product to use

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